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Why using alerts?

  1. See immediately the important changes at your place.

  2. Eliminates the need to examine “same-as-yesterday” reports.

  3. Spend minutes, not hours analyzing all virtual world analytics reports

Each day we create more than 20 reports with more than 1000 data points. To find if a change in one aspect the visitor behavior or profile at your place, you need to drill down each report, which might take some considerable time.

Our alert module monitors all new information and sends an e-mail when something that you consider to be important changes at your place. This might be a trivial measure, such as a sharp decrease in the number of daily visitors, but you can also define more complicated alerts such as an relative increase of new visitors that speak a particular language.

The first step is to create the specifications of the alert. Select for which group if visitors you want to create an alert, then select for which measurement you would like to receive an alert. You can receive these alerts by email or only in the alert report.

The alert report gives an overview of all alerts during a week or a month. You can filter the list so that only alerts for a particular day are shown.

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