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Jun 2011 NEW!: We have looked at the relation between Second Life groups and constructed a social network of groups in Second Life. You can use this information to find out which groups might be of interest to you. More information here

Dec 2010: The data of the average number of visitors on any region in Second Life is used to create a Top 20 of the most popular regions which is shown each month at New World Notes. The latest statistics are available for August and November 2010. Other blog posts using these data are available here. Also SLENTRE is using our data.

Jul 2010: Check the average number of visitors on any region in Second Life. This new free service is discussed on the New World Notes blog.

Feb 2010: Alerts with email notification are added to our Virtual World Analytics Package. This tool monitors all your reports and send an email about important changes at your place, such as an unusual increase in visitors. More information.

Jan 2010: Visit our booth at the Second Solution Provider Conference (SLURL). This will be a permanent in-world exposition for Second Life Solution Providers.

Jan. 2010: Metaverse Business opens a shop on another OpenSim Grid: SpotOn3D. Check our shop on the kappa region at (135,77).

Dec. 2009: We opened an account on Twitter and you can follow us if you want to receive news about our product offering or have questions about our solution or virtual world analytics in general.

Oct. 2009: Metaverse Business launches its Virtual World Marketing Campaign Application. Read our press release here.

Aug. 2009: We have added a new customer case on the Polish Community in SL. Read how they use virtual world analytics to get more insight in the management of their community.

June 2009: Visit our booth at the Solution Provider Conference (SLURL). This is the first in-world conference for Second Life Solution Providers. Second life, June 16 and June 18, 2009.

May 2009: Metaverse Business is participating in the first European conference addressing the present and future of user-created virtual worlds: Metameets 09 - Amsterdam Friday, May 22 Sunday, May 24 2009

Mar 2009: Our virtual world metrics were used by New World Notes. Check the articles here, here and here.

Dec 2008: Free Visitor Counter is now available on the OSGrid. This is our first shop on an OpenSim Grid.

Oct 2008: Event Analysis Tool for Virtual Worlds is available in our in-world shop. Press release is here.

July 2008: Competitive Intelligence Counter is available in our in-world shop.

May 2008: We are monitoring visitors on several corporate regions such as IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, etc.

Feb. 2008: A list of the new sims detected on the Second Life grid is available. It shows the names of all regions that appeared on the grid in the previous week.

Sept. 2007: Visitor Counter - Pro is made available on XstreetSL, onRez and in the Metaverse-Business in-world shop at Ukanipo.

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