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Customer Overview

More than 3000 counters are installed by virtual world users that leverage Metaverse Business' solutions to provide insight into the online virtual world experience, analyze customer behavior, and convert more visitors into loyal customers.

Our solution is used by small virtual shops, but also by (real life) companies that own several regions in Second LifeTM.

Our solutions are used by:
  • Small shops (less than 4000 m2)
  • Home owners in Second Life
  • Shops on the OSGrid (OpenSim)
  • Shops that own a complete region
  • Complete regions used for entertainment
  • Real-life companies that analyse visitor behavior on their regions
Customer Cases

“Furniture Shop JJ Lane’s” and “Surfing Community” invested in Virtual World Analytics, offered by Metaverse-Business, to get insight in how customers behave in its shop and interact in the Surfing Community.

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“Moderne Communications” uses Virtual World Analytics to improve visibility in training investments for their clients.

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Polish Community in SL uses Virtual World Analytics to make better decisions, based on facts.

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