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We are collecting user profile data for several months and we have enough data to start analyzing trends in Second Life. We have checked what the Portuguese are doing in Second Life, or at least people that are in some way connected to Portugal:
  1. People that belong to groups that are related to Portugal
  2. People that speak Portuguese (this includes other countries such as Brazil)
  3. People that are connected through a Portuguese Internet Provider
Of course, all those people are not Portuguese, a sizable part will be from Brazil or just interested in Portugal or Portuguese culture.

But still some trends are visible:
RankCategory% Portuguese% ResidentsSignificance
3.Second Life Club9.1%15.1%++
4.Music, RL Bands, SL DJs5.2%6.8%=
6.Second Life Clothing Shops, Fashion and Beauty3.2%5.4%+
7.Second Life shops and groups for scripting2.3%2.4%=
8.News, media and journalism2.2%2.7%=
9.Second Life shops for Avatars, Avatar Accessories and Skins2.1%5.3%++
10.Second Life General shops2.0%5.4%++
14.Romance and dating1.4%2.6%+
15.Second Life Gambling1.3%1.6%=
17.Visual Arts1.2%2.2%+
18.Dancing and Singing1.2%2.1%+
19.Free money1.1%1.6%=
20.Second Life land, home sales and rentals1.1%2.0%+
Category: All groups are put in one or more categories. For example, the group called "SL Portugal" is put into the category called "Portugal", while the "Futebol Clube do Porto" group will belong to the category "Portugal" and the category "Sports".
% Portuguese: The percentage of avatars, identified as being interested in Portuguese culture, that belong this category.
% Residents: Percentage in all avatars, e.g. all residents of Second Life, that belong to this category.
Significance: Difference between the two percentages. +++ : Large difference, ++: Difference statistically significant. +: Small difference; =: no difference

The largest difference is found in the sports category. It seems that Portuguese are much more interested in sports (football?) then the overall residents of SL. We also notice that Portuguese are not so much interested in shopping, maybe because they do not want to spend money in SL? This was is also noticed by Gwyneth Llewelyn "The Portuguese love technology; however, with the same strong feeling, they hate to pay for it.

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