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Report by Wagner James Au/Hamlet Au:
Metaverse Consultancy Reports Light Traffic at Real World Company Sites in Second Life

Metaverse Consultancy Reports Light Traffic at Real World Company Sites in Second Life
Monday, February 16, 2009

What you're looking at are the Second Life islands hosted by real life corporations which reported the most average visitors last week -- at least according to Metaverse Business, a consultancy which uses bots to gather up user statistics and profile info for its customers. It's possible that there are companies reporting a higher number of visitors than these islands, because the firm scans companies on a list gathered by Tateru Nino for this blog, in 2007. "The list of selected companies is somewhat outdated," Metaverse Business' Louis Platini acknowledges by email. "Not the statistics, they are up-to-date." However, the top two are not surprising: IBM (which has an SL corporate campus) and European telecom Orange (which sponsors an in-world community) are probably the most active corporate presences in SL.

The traffic looks low, but bear in mind these numbers represent each island's weekly average. Total visits on any given week may be considerably more. "[T]here is a large difference between the average number of visitors during a day and the number of unique visitors (during a day/week/month)", Platini tells me. To gather this data, the Metaverse Business bot "bot counts every hour the number of 'green dots' at a number of selected sims/regions. The bot never visits those regions, but retrieves the data from the SL map." So another important data point to consider; I'll be very curious to see data on more recent corporate sites. See the full report here.

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