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Grid growth

Grid growth on OSGrid and Second Life

We are monitoring regions on Second Life and several OpenSim grids including OSGrid. We detect new region names and region names that disappear on SL and OSGrid since almost a year. Since a few months we notice that OSGrid adds more regions each month when compared to SL.

Region Growth
Figure 1

We have data that are less aggregated which show that regions appear and disappear much faster on OSGrid. We cannot distinguish between a change in region name and a region (dis)appearance. But this will not influence the growth rate.

This year, OSGrid has a net growth of 256 regions and SL has a net growth of 181 regions (7-jan-2010).
We have changed the way of counting regions on OSGrid in Q4 of 2009. We were underestimating the number of regions on OSGrid until the end of december 2009. Because we discovered new (already existing regions) the number of new region in Q4 2009 will be too high, while the number of regions in Q3 will be too low (approx. 10-200 regions).
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